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1. 7. 2019 15:15
What Is A Computer Architecture Career?

Computer architecture is a field of work that’s not as complex as it might sound. Despite the name, it’s mostly about the rules and protocols by which different hardware and software are joined, interact, and network together. The science of how computers work is ruled by this architecture, which also determines with components are able to work with which.

Computer architects are those who have an expertise in this science. In many cases, they research and find the components that interact and work together as desired. However, they also design and implement new technologies and programs to work with existing architectures.

What Computer Architecture Entails

The term computer architecture refers primarily to how software, hardware, and network technologies come together to create computers and systems. As the word architecture implies, it’s about how these different technologies are built on top of and support one another. To put it simply in relation to that, computer architecture is about building computers and knowing which components work better together.

However, computer architecture also relies on a few key skills and knowledge bases. Primarily, it relies on system design, instruction set architecture, and micro architecture.

Computer Architecture Career
28. 6. 2019 15:09
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